Monday, March 9, 2009

Bat for Lashes - Two Suns

Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat for Lashes is back with the follow up to her spectacular debut album Fur and Gold of 2006. "Two Suns" follows from the debut with another picnic basket serving wonderful instrumentation with other worldly sounds and provocative lyrics.

She does seem to pick up where she left the last album whilst picking up a few electronic goodies along the way to give an added flavour to the ingredients in her basket. “Glass” is a confident opener seeing Khan place greater emphasis on higher notes than she would have in the past giving an early indication of the added dexterity affixed to her voice.

The natural element of the music that was essential to "Fur and Gold" fades as the album goes on with a new electronic weighting given to the material. Thankfully this is not an overbearing inclusion ,unlike a lot of electro pop records at present. Credible synths will give fans something fresh to relate to. The first single “Daniel” does dwell upon slightly dated 80s flavour, but her unique voice alleviates it from falling over itself.

The album throbs with dense progressive moments over a foundation of sweet ambience but the final two tracks do dampen the flow of the album ever so slightly. All in all another wonderful mystical journey.

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