Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MCD release Oasis to play Slane promo vid

I just recieved an email from MCD there giving a link to their special promo video for Oasis being announced that they will play Slane. This is the first time I have seen such carry on.

Its all a bit much I think. I find it stangely peculiar that there is no mention of ticket prices on MCDs website either. And since when have tickets for Slane ever gone on sale before Christmas? There is a lot of panic out there!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More gigs announced for Dolans

Firstly, Novembember 30th brings Tipperary favourite Gemma Hayes back to The Warehouse after her amazing show here last April.
Tickets priced €21 are going on sale at 3pm today.

Secondly..we are delighted to announce that Former Moloko vocalist Róisín Murphy will play a show here in Dolans on Tuesday December 1st.
Murphy rose to fame with Mark Brydon as electronic pop duo Moloko in the 1990s. The duo scored success with albums such as 'Do You Like My Tight Sweater?' and 'Things To Make And Do', as well as hit singles such as 'Sing It Back' and ''The Time Is Now'.
Murphy launched her solo career in 2005 with her debut album 'Ruby Blue' and signed with EMI in 2006. Her second album, 'Overpowered', was released in October and is described as a "heady mix of electronic dance anthems and soul-stirring pop songs".
Tickets priced €27 go on sale at 2pm today!

And Thirdly..THE FUTUREHEADS have confirmed a date here in The Warehouse of Tuesday December 16th! With tickets priced €18 they are a steal! Just the thing to get you fired up for the Christmas celebrations!
These tickets go on sale next Monday morning at 10am

This is great to see. There has been welcome influx of good acts hitting Limerick in the last few weeks between Dolans, Trinity Rooms and UL and it doesn't seem to be letting up.

I would highly recommend checking out Roisin Murphy for a night of funky pop boasting several costume changes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheap packaging???

On the morn of our impending National Budget I feel the need to shed light on something I have observed in the past week or so. If you go in to your local supermarket, or major one if thats the case, and have a look at the packaging on certain items like Coca Cola bottles or boxes of Barrys Tea. Do the graphics on the Coke labels seem a lot more simplistic than they were only a few weeks ago.

The Barrys Tea boxes' latest artwork is certainly cheaper looking, somewhat identical to it's discount catering-freindly.

Are the other major players going to follow suit and get rid of the pretty packaging?

P.S: Sorry about the lack of visual evidence-I don't usually carry around a camera when buying a pack of Cadburys Fingers (best biscuit out there so you know)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cathy Davey

I interviewed Cathy Davey on Wenesday night after her performance in UL's Jean Monnet Theatre. She was really nice and quite chatty. She is rather attractive too! It was quite relaxed as we chatted about the musical world and all its delights.

I got the feeling though that she was a bit unsure about her music(or maybe herself) The gig consisted of three covers which I found odd as the set was shortish and she has two albums of material to work off. With the aid of two accompanying bandmates she delivered a downtempo set with heavy connotations to the world of jazz.

She admitted that the new album will have a more jazzy feel to it and will be a tad deeper than the previous two albums.

The gig was coupled with a few mistakes and a set list change but Cathy displayed a sturdiness that rode through the hiccups. Her voice was sultry and alluring during the downtempo tunes and then punched through the upbeat numbers. The problem was the flow of the set list did not work. But the divergence towards a downtempo, jazzy-ish sound was something to be adored.

I look forward to hearing her coming album

Daedalus to play Limerick again

Funkster Daedalus has been announced to play Trinity Rooms on Saturday the 25th October. The guy is one of the most innovative producers of experimental electronical musical frolicks. He also sports he best Side-burns in the industry. This should be a packed gig following his performance in The Cornmarket on behalf of Cheebah which I missed because I am a pussy.

Deadmau5 is also playing Trooms this coming Wendesday which will be a truly banging affair. If you want to make it a bumper night do check out Jape in Dolans on the same night(probably on about 9/10 while Deadmau5 starting at 12)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Thom

Happy Birthday Thom Yorke!

Thom is 40 today and I for one am quite sad as that leaves less years for him to fill my ears with the magic he has done in the past. Some may disagree but the man is one of the few instigators around at present that submits highly innovative music that becomes huge in the mainstream (take note Oasis)

I am feeling quite sombre about todays news so I shall retreat to my ipod for comfort.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recession Talk

So we now have 400 billion Euro to blow...........wahey!

One thing I noticed during all the doom and gloom of the recession hype over the past two or three months was the media evoking flashbacks of the 80s recession.

I have been folowing the media on a regular basis since I was capable of processing the information and call me lost/slow or whatever you want, but I was never aware of the extent of the 80s recession. I knew things werent the best and emigration was high but it sounded like Ireland was some post-apocalyptic gutter hole.

During the era of the Celtic Tiger was my generation covered in a sheet of bubblewrap(excuse the irony) from the dark days of mid 80s Ireland or were all the flashbacks the medias love tool?