Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Experimental sounds to reach Castletroy

A new dawn in the live music scene in Limerick is a-coming thanks to Guantanamo Noise Fest II. This weekend-long event is set to take place at 31 the Cedars, Castletroy (recent change of venue from the above poster) this Friday and Saturday. And yes anyone who has ever attended the University of Limerick will know that the venue in question is a student house. The house, which would usually house empty cans of Dutch Gold and Koka noodles will play host to a range of experimental sounds. When I asked the organiser (BiPolar Joe) what one can expect the reply I got was:

For an experimental gig, you shouldn't expect anything. I mean, youmight hear just about anything, thirty minutes of white noise, thesound of someone taking a dump, the theme from Dallas, fuckin'anything. They key is experimentation. Sound is not just sound, andmusic is a genre of sound, if you get what I mean. The hardest thingto do is to describe experimental music. Put it like this, John Cageused piano sounboards, K-Project uses computer games. Everything is aninstrument, experimental musicians use them all. In short, expectanything! Expect to hear things you most likely never would have ever.

Admission to this "guerilla-gig" as I like to call it is only 7 la'resistance!

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