Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Music Video Ever (according to MTV Two)

I watched MTV Twos rundown of what they percieve the top 100 music videos of a all time were the other night. To be honest I only got to see the top 10 and it demonstrated to me the power that music and film have when in unison.

Which video came first? This one:

I must say this video is spectacular and it is almost impossible for someone not to agree. The movements and lighting synch with the music and the juxtaposition between human nature and robots/computers is sublimely potrayed.

On a side note I couldnt help but wonder about the presenter of the program, Zane Lowe. He presented each video very well, assessing each video with the respect and applaud they deserve. Throughout the hour and a half long program his presenting remained serious and thoughtful as one would expect when dealing with such important forms of art. But when you compare this to his weekly show on a friday night named "Gonzo" he acts the clown. The whole show is "padded" with his pointless ramblings about things like cheese amongst menial discussions about menial bands (the Kooks and all NMEs lovechildren)

The man should stick to his strengths and approach the music as he does an adult.

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