Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Electric Picnic 2008: my 10 to see

The blessed Picnic is nearly two weeks away and I for one am rather excited. The line up doesnt really pack the heavyweights this year and didnt really live up to a few of my line up hopes (Portishead and the Mars Volta namely) but all in all there is some great acts on the bill.

Here the ten acts i really cant wait to see (in no particular order)

Crystal Castles (saw Glasto performance....energetic to say the least)
The Roots
The Herbaliser
Sigur Ros (Eek!)
The Gutter Twins (Mark Lanegan is immense)
The Dodos
Dan Deacon
Foals (plickity plick plick)

and there is so much more........

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