Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Wire

After hearing rave reviews about this TV show for quite some time now through various blogs and articles I decided I had to submerge my bad self into the world of the Baltimore(setting of the show) police department. I also decided it best to start from the very beginning in order to allow myself concentrate on the whole picture.

Four episodes into series 1 and what do I think? It is a bloody good programme. It is utterly engrossing. I feel like hibernating right now and smacking myself in the face with all the later episodes and seasons(its at season 5 at present I believe)

In my opinion what sets it apart from all other "Cop" shows on the box at the moment is the sequence and flow of the storylines. The CSIs and all that are grand for one or two episodes but I always feel like each episode is a carbon copy of the rest given their format:


The Wire seems to be a long running storyline centered around a loose and reluctant collection of cops delegated the role of breaking up a drugs ring ridden with unsolved murders in the Projects. Four episodes in and already I am indulged in the rugged network of police politics and corruption. Every scene and character encounter is relevant. The are funny moments too, which I like.

Get involved in this programme-you wont be disappointed.


ID please! said...

each season has a different theme so season one is on the streets and on crime, season two is the city corporation and corruption, season 3 is the docklands and so on...there are only 5 seasons i'm afraid!!

its one of those shows i wont get into until after college!! Check out Entourage ;) its seriously addictive and fast moving! :D

for some fun --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBnqGa2l2OI

bubblewrap said...

Im a college head too but I am had to jump on the hype wagon and see what all the fuss is about-and now my college work will suffer!

I have never really warmed to Entourage too much-I think the Hollywood glitz and bullshit deters me

On the other hand I am loving Californication(starring David Duchovny)-if you like Entourage you will like it very much methinks

ID please! said...

funny you should say that, i've watched californication and liked the witty sharp writing...he's sooooooo caustic ya just gotta love it!!

something i got into but then got too busy to keep up with - Heroes!!