Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oxegen 2009 headliners- blandfest

According to NME Kings of Leon, The Killers and Snow Patrol are to be this years headliners. This is highly safe route for MCD to take, really playing to the festivals demographic.

Having a headliner play two years in a row (KoL) is downright pathetic in my opinion, I mean really is the country not sick to its stomach of them?

And as for the other two headliners....the will undoubtebly suck the energy from the punters with their back catalogues that instigate chronic snoring.

I went to Oxegen last year solely on the back of an outstanding line up. I know its early days with regards revealing the line up but I genuinely thought Oxegen was winning back the music lovers, obviously I was wrong.

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