Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RTE's Other Voices

I am sitting down watching the second episode of RTE's Other Voices. Now in its seventh season, the stations only dedicated music programme continues to humble me with the notion of the power of simplicity.

It is such a simple concept. Have good musicians, both international and homegrown, playing in a quaint, rural town like Dingle. The calibre of musicians over the past two shows resonates the attractiveness of the concept. Elbow, Lisa Hannigan, Richard Hawley, Eric Bibb deliver concentrated and moving performances amidst the backdrop of an idyllic church (or pub, or bowling alley!)

The show reminds me of stories I hear about Sigur Ros playing gigs in the heart of their native Iceland, surrounded by the spectacular elements of nature the landscape bears. It is their way of sharing the landscape and music with the people.

RTE deserve a pat on the back for once

Heres Lisa Hannigan from last years show:

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