Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ladyhawke, The Academy, Thursday 5th

I made the trip to Ladyhawke at the Academy in Dublin, mind you some jaded planning resulted in only getting to see the last half an hour which actually wasnt a bad thing as I got to see the majority of the cracking tunes off the Aussies album ( at times some tunes on the album are just a bit meh)Something told me however the most part of the set may have been a somewhat lacklustre affair due to the crowds stagnant presence on view upon my entry into the venue.

I was impressed with the Academy as it was a lot more intimatet than I imagined it would be. The lady Pip was lloking lovely as I expected and graced the mic with ease.

There was very little deviation between the output of her material live however. Especially the likes of "My Delerium" or "Paris is Burning" I thought could have been approached with more vigour in comparision to the studio/ album versions. Otherwise it was damn enjoyable.

Roll on Four Tet at Andrews Lane Theatre at the end of the month...

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