Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Release Party

The solution to your Friday nights in Limericks fair city is finally here!

Starting this Friday (13th Feb) in the refurbished downstairs of Aubars (it is looking damn nice) those merry folk from Eightball Promotions bring you a night of stress free frolicks and good times...basically forget all the bullshit going on and just bop through it

Read the statement here

See you there!


Shane said...

Well, I didn't make it myself. What did you think? Have heard a kind of mixed bag of reports myself however that is to be expected with an opening night

bubblewrap said...

Shane-it was a good night there was a great vibe to the place and and people seemed really receptive to what it was trying to create i.e. a release from the negatives circulating in the present enviroment. Nice tunes aswell from Leon.

If the night is to prosper it needs the participation and dedication of the people imo