Thursday, April 16, 2009

Electric Picnic 2009 announces first wave of acts

Well well well, the EP boys have conjured up quite a tasty bunch of acts for this years festival. It does lack the heavy hitters that would grab your immediate attention but on the whole the line up is riddled with quality acts. The mighty Orbital are a must see along with the antics of Madness. I do hope they put Zero7 on for an early slot on the Mainstage on Sunday so as to lure me back into an able capacity. Credit must be given for the superb range of Irish acts on offer, namely Jape, Halfset, Villagers, and Lisa Hannigan. I am not so sure about MGMT though, hearing them at least 8 times a day via somebodys ringtone has driven me to detest them.

Anyways so far so good, and with more to come this year could very well be up there as one of the festivals better years(like 2005 and 2007)


Anonymous said...

how dare u, theres nothing wrong with my ringtone!!

bubblewrap said...

when tunes become ringtones its game over!

Sarah Brennan said...

I'm thinking this has been the best line up for quite a while. I may have to break my no-more-irish-festivals rule. There's quite a few I really don't want to miss!

bubblewrap said...

it is looking damn tasty

and if you add Brian Wilson, the Wailers and Royskopp to that...nice

I would expect to see Morrissey, Animal Collective and Antony and the Johnsons added to it too!