Thursday, April 23, 2009

R.S.A.G live @ Dolans, 22 April

I hit R.S.A.G in Dolans(upstairs) last night and what a performance it was. I had only heard Jeremy Hickeys material prior to the gig through his studio recordings and was damn curious to see how he emulated this material onstage. The performance surpassed my expectations big time. It wasnt just music being displayed, it was art in its most universal and creative form on show.

Through the use of a Gorillaz-esque visual display (courtesy of Paul Mahon), Hickey adds the components for each track that are not drum orientated (be it bass, piano etc.) through impersonations of himself playing the insruments on the screen behind him. These visuals run in tandem to Hickeys flawless drumming. This man has the skills to play the bloody bills. The drumming and overall instumentation was superb. The music he composes is quite intricate but at the same time very soulful. I felt my feet constantly tapping the floor not knowing exactly what to do themselves, much like a frenzied game of hopscotch.

RSAG - Days Go By (Live) from mrpaulmahon on Vimeo.

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