Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elbow win the Mercury Music Prize 2008

Congratulations to Elbow for winning this years Mercury for their album "The Seldom Seed Kid". Watching the awards last night on BBC 2 I couldnt help but be absolutely delighted for the band. Upon hearing of their win the band became exasperated with expressions of utter joy. Had Radiohead won it I dont think they would have displayed a fraction of the emotion Elbow did.

The album is beauty. It bursts with emotion and magnificient song arrangement. The track "Grounds for Divorce" just stomps its way all over the joint. My personal favourite from the album is "Some Riot". The piano sequence at the start is quite simply captivating and Guy Garveys vocal fall upon it eloquently. The song soars to an epic climax which leaves the listener feeling very tingly inside.

One other thing of note from the awards was Burial not showing up which was no real surprise given his anonymous stance. I wonder if he did turn up would he have won it for his album "Untrue" which was my personal favourite of the year?

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