Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lisa Hannigan

I type this fresh from seeing Lisa Hannigan in the Jean Monnet Theatre in UL.

I got the chance to interview here before the gig and as I expected she was a real genuine and kind soul. She was full of chat and indifferent to any time constraints.

Onstage and she was quite simply captivating. Her voice just enraptures your attention through soft swindlings to heavy yet soothing bellows. I dont know about anyone else there but I felt somewhat seduced by her performance...she is lovely.

Full report and interview to come soon.....when I get the chance!


Anonymous said...

Your not the only one I could have spent the rest of the night listening to her relaxing and entrancing tones.

bubblewrap said...

There is a serious void in my soul since Wenesday night!

She is due back in Limerick after the new year-that I can confirm

mp3hugger said...

It's a good album, I enjoyed it. Good to see another Clare blog on the web.

bubblewrap said...

Thanks hugger!

got to represent!

Yes its a good album, not a great one though. Her voice live really propells the material from good to great imo