Friday, October 10, 2008

Cathy Davey

I interviewed Cathy Davey on Wenesday night after her performance in UL's Jean Monnet Theatre. She was really nice and quite chatty. She is rather attractive too! It was quite relaxed as we chatted about the musical world and all its delights.

I got the feeling though that she was a bit unsure about her music(or maybe herself) The gig consisted of three covers which I found odd as the set was shortish and she has two albums of material to work off. With the aid of two accompanying bandmates she delivered a downtempo set with heavy connotations to the world of jazz.

She admitted that the new album will have a more jazzy feel to it and will be a tad deeper than the previous two albums.

The gig was coupled with a few mistakes and a set list change but Cathy displayed a sturdiness that rode through the hiccups. Her voice was sultry and alluring during the downtempo tunes and then punched through the upbeat numbers. The problem was the flow of the set list did not work. But the divergence towards a downtempo, jazzy-ish sound was something to be adored.

I look forward to hearing her coming album

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