Friday, October 10, 2008

Daedalus to play Limerick again

Funkster Daedalus has been announced to play Trinity Rooms on Saturday the 25th October. The guy is one of the most innovative producers of experimental electronical musical frolicks. He also sports he best Side-burns in the industry. This should be a packed gig following his performance in The Cornmarket on behalf of Cheebah which I missed because I am a pussy.

Deadmau5 is also playing Trooms this coming Wendesday which will be a truly banging affair. If you want to make it a bumper night do check out Jape in Dolans on the same night(probably on about 9/10 while Deadmau5 starting at 12)


Cheebah said...

Think that might be 25th October. Should be good gig. Also that week, New york legend steinski in Mickey Martins and Poets of Rhythm in Dolans on the Sunday. Then 6 days later Mike Slott plays in Mickeys.

Good times

bubblewrap said...

Thanks for that my excitement caused a panic in my typing!

Yes it is gearing up to be a great weekend-pity I am doing the Dublin Marathon on the Monday at 8 hundred hours

Cheebah said...

good luck in that. Hope it goes well.

If it is any help, think the trinity rooms are saying that Daedelus will be on early9 ish on the Saturday night.

bubblewrap said...

Thanks a mil man!