Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheap packaging???

On the morn of our impending National Budget I feel the need to shed light on something I have observed in the past week or so. If you go in to your local supermarket, or major one if thats the case, and have a look at the packaging on certain items like Coca Cola bottles or boxes of Barrys Tea. Do the graphics on the Coke labels seem a lot more simplistic than they were only a few weeks ago.

The Barrys Tea boxes' latest artwork is certainly cheaper looking, somewhat identical to it's discount catering-freindly.

Are the other major players going to follow suit and get rid of the pretty packaging?

P.S: Sorry about the lack of visual evidence-I don't usually carry around a camera when buying a pack of Cadburys Fingers (best biscuit out there so you know)

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